Intervention ladder

The ILT has drawn up the intervention ladder to support inspectors in their decision on which intervention will be appropriate with regard to the offence in question. The ladder has five intervention categories ('steps'), always with increasing consequences for the offender.

The inspector can decide on the intervention himself, as long as this decision falls within the legal frameworks and the case law. For example, he can decide to apply a more severe intervention when he is of the opinion that a lighter intervention does not have the desired effect or any effect at all.
The starting point is that the inspector considers the effect that he thinks he will be able to achieve with the intervention. At first, he opts for an intervention  as low as possible on the ladder, unless legislation prescribes a different intervention.

When applying the intervention ladder a number of conditions apply to specific cases.

Intervention ladder

Intervention categories

The ILT-intervention ladder consists of five categories of interventions: