Preventive intervention

Aimed at preventing offences and stimulating companies to comply with the rules through information and giving information, and naming and faming.

Information and providing information

By providing information the ILT ensures that companies are well informed about what is allowed and what is not. The information can be directed towards individual companies or groups of companies, sectors and branches (collective communication).

The ILT applies various resources and channels to inform companies:

  • Oral information from the inspector
  • Information on the ILT website
  • Information meetings per branch
  • Folders and fact sheets
  • Information campaigns (for example, about reinforcing new regulations)
  • Publicity as a result of inspections

Naming and faming

The ILT can decide to reward a company for good behaviour in the hope that this will stimulate others in the branch to also comply with the rules. After all, an example is better than precept.

An example is the publicity on companies with which the ILT has concluded an agreement.