Punitive intervention

Aimed at punishment and confiscation of unlawfully obtained gains. Punitive interventions are aimed at punishing the offender and deterring others in such a way that they are not tempted to commit offences (general prevention).

The authority with these kind of interventions lies with the Public Prosecution Service. This is done through:

  • An official report
  • Criminal sanctions (through the Public Prosecution Service).

Official report

When an inspector suspects or establishes a punishable offence at a company, he can draw up an official report at his own initiative. This is a verbatim report of the activities and findings by an authorised person, such as an inspector.

The official report is sent to the public prosecutor. The Public Prosecution Service is then responsible for its subsequent handling. On the basis of the official report the Public Prosecution Service may proceed with a criminal investigation or prosecution.

For certain supervision domains the ILT has made arrangements with the Public Prosecution Service for which offences an official report has to be drawn up.

Criminal sanctions (via OM)

The following criminal sanctions are demanded or imposed through the Public Prosecution Service and the criminal laws:

  • Financial penalty
  • Detention
  • Community punishment order
  • Prison sentence
  • Confiscation of unlawfully obtained gains (by paying an amount of money).