Guide COVID-19 pandemic and Dutch shipping

Shipping (merchant shipping, marine construction and fisheries) is a vital sector with the specific working condition that seafarers live and work relatively close together for a long period of time and are deprived of specialized medical assistance ashore. Both the maximum reduction of the chance of an outbreak of contamination with COVID-19 on board and an optimal approach to (suspicion of) contamination are therefore of great importance. This guide is the prelude to a protocol for seagoing ships under the Dutch flag regarding COVID-19. The guide has no legal status. The shipping sector is characterized by intensive (internationally regulated) safety processes. The basis of the guide lies in the guidelines of IMO and IMHA. The Dutch maritime sector[1] has brought the guide in line with the RIVM advice.[2] The guide is exclusively about maintaining a safe and healthy workplace as well as travel procedures in relation to COVID-19 and is based on the occupational hygiene strategy: source approach, collective measures, individual measures and personal protective equipment. Furthermore, this document provides a sample instruction for seafarers for common situations in shipping. An example questionnaire is included in the appendix (COVID-19 questionnaire).