Sewage disposal from ships

For the sewage disposal from ships regulated in the Wet voorkoming verontreiniging door schepen and MARPOL Annex IV interpretations and a summary have been drafted.

For the complete regulation see Interpretations and summary of sewage disposal from ships.

Research of ‘Sewage treatment plants’

The report Sewage treatment plants contains the results of a research on sewage treatment plants on seagoing ships. From the research it appeared that there is a lack of maintenance and operational instructions are not adequately being followed. None of the 32 ships investigated complied with the standards of Resolutions MEPC.2(VI) and 159(55). Besides there is also a lack of enforcement.

The Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate (Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport) ordered for the survey in 2011 the company Hatenboer Water, specialized in water treatment for the maritime sector.