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Recognized doctors HAL personnel

List of recognized doctors only for non-STCW HAL personnel.

Publication | 03-09-2019

List of appointed examining doctors abroad

List of appointed examining doctors abroad.

Publication | 03-09-2019

Recently revoked appointed doctors

List of recently revoked appointed doctors for the medical examination of seafarers.

Publication | 03-09-2019

Addresses approved doctors The Netherlands

Addresses of approved doctors in the Netherlands. Approval by the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate.

Publication | 03-09-2019

Manual Medical Examinations NSI 2019, including Medical fitness requirements

This manual (Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate) has to be used by all appointed and recognized doctors abroad and replaces all ...

Publication | 03-06-2019

Explanation concerning the Dutch Seafarer Medical Certificate (SMC)

Explanation concerning the Dutch Seafarer Medical Certificate (SMC)

Publication | 06-04-2018

Form: Medical examination shipping crew - ILT.137E.06

The form Medical examination shipping crew is used by the medical examiner, in addition to more detailed examination, to ...

Form | 12-12-2017

Netherlands medical chest

Publication | 11-07-2017

Seafarer Medical Certificate (Specimen)

Specimen of the Seafarer medical certificate.

Publication | 02-10-2015

RMA Questionnaire (The Netherlands), from The Ship Captain’s Medical Guide

Questionnaire used in case of a sick or injured person. From the Royal Dutch Lifeboat Association.

Publication | 04-03-2015