Ships without compulsory MLC certification

Inspections on ships without compulsory MLC certification

A Maritime Labour Certificate (MLC certificate) is not compulsory for seagoing vessels smaller than 500 GT or seagoing vessels of at least 500 GT that are not engaged in international voyages. Although the certificate is not compulsory, these ships must still meet the MLC requirements.
In order to prevent MLC related non-conformities during inspections from competent authorities, such as port State control, in other countries, the Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate recommends applying for a certificate for these ships.

Inspections of MLC requirements starting in 2014

Starting in 2014, the Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate will inspect all ships for compliance with the MLC requirements, including ships for which the MLC certificate is not compulsory. For these ships, it is recommended that a DMLC, part I be downloaded and be available on board and a DMLC, part II, detailing the procedures, be completed.
If a comprehensive DMLC part I and II is available on board, it makes it easy to consult everything related to the Maritime Labour Convention. This facilitates inspection for both the captain and the inspector. It can also reduce the inspection time.

Planning inspections

Starting on 1 November 2013, the Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate will be contacting the ship owners to schedule the inspection. This will enable the ship owner to indicate a date and location that is convenient. If the ship owner is unable to indicate a date and location, the Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate will schedule a date after 1 January 2014 when it can conduct the inspection.

The following conditions will apply for the inspection:

  • The ship must meet the MLC requirements enacted on 20 August 2013.
  • The ship must be ready for operations.
  • The ship must be available for a four-hour period with all seafarers on board to accompany the inspection and answer any questions.

The inspection report

If the ship meets the requirements (with or without a certificate), an MLC inspection report without comments will be issued.
If the inspection reveals that the ship does not meet the requirements, the inspection report will indicate the deadline by which any shortcomings must have been remedied.
In the event of serious deficiencies, the ship may be detained.

Information about the MLC certificate

The MLC certificate consists of the certificate and a Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance, part I and part II (DMLC part I and part II). For the ships referred to above, the MLC certificate and the DMLC, part I and II are not compulsory.

Useful information is available on this website including details of the statutory requirements with an explanation, an example document for the ship owner with details of how to meet the statutory requirements and a checklist: