Minimum quality system requirements

The quality system must ensure that all legal requirements and regulations are met for the requested/recognised operations.

The quality system (Article 9 of the Regeling erkende instanties Vervoer gevaarlijke stoffen,Regulation on the carriage of dangerous goods, only available in Dutch) includes at least the following aspects:

  • Understanding of the organizational structure.
  • Roles, responsibilities and powers of staff.
  • Competences and training of staff.
  • Impartiality, independence and secrecy.
  • Process and system descriptions and procedures and working instructions relating to the requested/recognised operations.
  • Registration process on the execution of the operations.
  • Measuring instruments and materials.
  • Monitor, assess and analyse.
  • Evaluate and improve the processes and systems.
  • Mastering the documentation.
  • Ability of the subcontractor (if applicable).

Please note: In the case of subcontracting, all the aspects mentioned here also apply to subcontractors.

  • Supervision of the subcontractor (if applicable). 
  • Risk management process on the operations to be carried out.