Notification procedure international shipment of waste

By sending in the notification, the authority of dispatch will check the notification. During this procedure, the authority will inform you on the status. If necessary, the authority will ask for additional information to complete the notification.

* within 3 working days after acknowlegdement of receipt
** notifier will be informed by the authority involved
*** exceptions on the standard notification procedure can be found in the Regulation (EG) 1013/2006:
- article 14, sub 4 and 5
- article 35, sub 2
- article 36 and 37
- article 38 point 5

The authority of dispatch will send the notification, incuding all the attachments, to the other authorities that are involved (Block 15 of the notification document). Tacit consent by the competent authority of transit may be assumed if no objection is lodged within the said 30-day time limit.