Recognised bodies

TÜV Rheinland Nederland BV is no longer a competent authority for ADR, RID, ADN. f your organization has an UN-marking registered by Tüv Rheinland Nederland BV then this marking has no longer a legal base and can no longer be used for the production of new packagings with this marking.

To continue the use of this marking you must first register it with another authorized body in the Netherlands. You could also register for a new marking with Contracting Parties of the ADR/RID/ADN in other countries. The inspectorate will enforce on this.

The Netherlands has the legislation, the so called: ‘Regeling erkende instanties vervoer gevaarlijke stoffen’ (Stcrt. 209, nr. 19721) for bodies which can be recognized as a competent authority of ADR, RID, ADN. In English it is called: ‘Regulation for recognized bodies for the transport of dangerous goods’. On the basis of this regulation such recognized bodies may carry out certain acts, like testing of packagings for the transport of dangerous goods.

The recognition and supervision on these bodies is done by the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT).