Classification societies

Thirteen classification societies are recognised by the European Commission (so called recognised organisations). The Netherlands has appointed seven recognised organisations to act on its behalf. The working method and procedures are laid down in an agreement combined with a mandate. It concerns inspections and certification required by the international conventions such as SOLAS, MARPOL, Tonnage Measurement, Load Lines and ILO 152 on Dutch seagoing vessels.

The Inspectorate continues to perform inspections on vessels that are not or partly within the scope of the international conventions. The Inspectorate also conducts inspections based on national legislation, the STCW, inspections not mentioned in the agreement and as part of the Flag State Control requirements.

Scope of authorisation

The scope of inspections and certification for the classification societies is recorded in the documents below.

Instructions classification societies

To perform inspections on Dutch vessels the Inspectorate has drafted instructions for the classification societies (Instructions to RO).
You find the Instructions to RO in the Netherlands Regulatory Framework (NeRF)

Information to Shipping

The Information to Shipping is issued by the Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate and contains decisions and interpretations on legislation and subjects with an informative nature affecting the maritime industry.

You find the Information to Shipping in the Netherlands Regulatory Framework (NeRF).