Merger DNV-GL

Statutory certification and merger DNV-GL

Det Norske Veritas AS (DNV) and Germanischer Lloyd SE (GL) have been merged into the new classification society under the ownership of DNV GL AS. This information provides clarification on how any statutory certification service that was formally dealt with by one of the separate organisations should be handled in the nearby future. Furthermore, it provides clarity on the issuance of a new Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR).

Agreement with the Netherlands and statutory certification services

DNV and GL were both fully authorised, under identical agreements, to perform statutory certification services on behalf of the government of the Netherlands.
The Netherlands has signed a new Agreement, a.o. as a result of delegation of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006, with the DNV GL AS organisation. Any certificate issued, document stamped, inspection or audit carried out under the existing agreements of DNV or GL are recognised and accepted by the Netherlands. Existing certificates and approvals remain valid, subject to their expiry date or if amendments require re-issuance/re-examination.
If statutory activities were carried out as DNV GL AS before the new Agreement with this organisation was signed, the conditions of the current DNV agreement were applicable.

Continuous Synopsis Record

The Netherlands will not require the issuance of a new subsequent Continuous Synopsis Record as a direct result of the formal merger between DNV and GL. The new DNV GL name of the classification society acting as RO or RSO on behalf of the government of the Netherlands will only be changed when a new CSR is required to be issued as a consequence of any amendments affecting the CSR. Until that time if the RO or RSO stated on the CSR reads DNV or GL it should be treated as if stated DNV GL.

This information may be kept with the vessel’s Continuous Synopsis Record file and made available for interested port State control authorities, Classification Societies and other relevant parties.

For further information, the Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate may be contacted through the contact such as and T +31 88 489 00 00.