Fees merchant shipping

Fees for certificates for seagoing vessels (since 1 January 2019) euro's
Article 2 Bis (trial run)    250
Bareboat Out    159
Bareboat In:
  -  Registration Bareboat In
  -  Bareboat extract
  -  Bareboat Certificate of Registry




Continuous Synopsis Record    250
Counting and registration system on passenger ships (per hour)    156
Nationality Certificate Commercial Shipping    305
Nationality Certificate Recreational Vessel    184
Tonnage Certificate    159
Alteration of Tonnage Certificate      55
Declaration extended Navigation Area Certificate    250
Certificate of Registry    175
Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance or DMLC    250
Bunker Liability Certificate    144
Civil Liability Certificate for oil pollution damage    144
Passengers Liability Certificate    141
Wreck Removal Certificate    288
Manning plan    313
Manning certificate    250
Temporary Exemption of Minimum Safe Manning    250
Exemption from Port Reception Facilities:
  - Certificate
  - Examination of Port Reception Facilities



Duplicate    171
International Ballast Water Management certificate    153
International Ballast Water Management approval    486

Ships Act (Dutch Fees) Regulations

The Ships Act (Dutch Fees) Regulations (Dutch) set out the fees for the certification of sea vessels pursuant to the Shipping Act. The fees for 2019 have been increased by an inflation correction of 2.44%. 

Shipping (Fees) Regulations 2005

Chapters 2 and 3 of the Shipping (Fees) Regulations 2005 (Dutch) contain the fees for marine navigation. The fees for 2019 have been increased by an inflation correction of 2.44%.