Private Maritime Security Company (PMSC) Permit

As of 2022, ships sailing under the Dutch flag may use private armed security. This is stated in new legislation that will take effect as soon as possible. Are you a private security company? Once available, you can apply for a Private Maritime Security Company (PMSC) permit at the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT).

How do you apply for a PMSC permit?

As a private security company, you will need a Private Maritime Security Company permit to secure transports armed. You can apply for this permit at the ILT as soon as possible. Armed private security guards may then protect merchant vessels sailing under the Dutch flag in the Gulf of Aden.

The ILT is working on the final preparations. Once it is known when you can apply for a permit, the ILT will announce it. You will also find the application form here.

What requirements do you need to meet to obtain a PMSC permit?

For a PMSC permit, your security company needs 3 certificates:

  1. ISO 9001: Quality management systems
  2. ISO 28000: Specification for security management systems for the supply chain
  3. ISO 28007: Guidelines for Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSC)

These certificates must be valid for at least another 6 months at the time of application.

In addition, you must provide documentation on: 

  • The structure.
  • The continuity.
  • And the reliability of the security company.

Consider, for example:

  • Export control certificate for strategic goods (for weapons).
  • Ethics policy.
  • Health and safety policy.
  • General security policy.
  • Policy on recruitment, selection, and training PCASP.
  • Policy on weapons (including storage, maintenance, and destruction).
  • Work instructions for performing transport as PMSC.
  • Work instructions for Lifesaving rules (LSR) (safe conduct on board).
  • Policy on internal and external communications.
  • Complaint handling policy.
  • Whistle-blower policy.
  • Rules for the use of force.
  • Overview of training, including refresher training, for all team members.
  • Procedure for sighting personal weapons.
  • Overview of firearms licences and maintenance plan.
  • Instructions on the use of Floating Armouries.
  • Instructions on the use of cameras and microphone.
  • Instructions on the use and application of handcuffs.

How will the ILT assess your application?

Does the documentation provided meet all requirements? If so, the ILT performs an investigation at your business address. Among other things, the ILT checks whether your security company performs what you have described in the documentation provided.

How long will it take to get your permit?

The processing period has been set at 8 weeks. The ILT may extend this period by 12 weeks under certain conditions.

PMSC permit costs

The Ministry of Justice and Security sets the fee for the PMSC permit. The ILT expects it to be € 17,220, but it is still subject to change.

Renewal of PMSC permit

A PMSC permit is valid for 3 years. You can renew it. The ILT will announce the procedure for this later.  

Permission for security

Shipping companies that wish to use a private security company must request permission from the Coast Guard for each transport.