Bareboat charter registration

The second option for registering a seagoing vessel in the Netherlands is as a bareboat chartered vessel. A seagoing vessel that is registered outside the Netherlands may be registered in the Dutch Bareboat Register under the conditions mentioned below.

Registration of ships under bareboat charter is governed by the Seagoing Vessels under the Act of the Nationality of ships on Bareboat Charter (Wet nationaliteit zeeschepen in rompbevrachting).


  • The bareboat charterer is resident in the European Union, European Economic Area, Switzerland or one of the overseas areas (by agreement).
  • The bareboat charterer manages a shipping company with a head or branch office established in the Netherlands under Dutch law.
  • The day-to-day operation of this shipping company (including nautical, technical and manning operations) is in the hands of one or more natural persons who are authorised to represent the bareboat charterer in all affairs concerning the management of the ship and those on board.
  • The person or persons responsible for the day-to-day operation of the ship must be available at all times. If they are not available a substitute authorised to deal with all matters relating to the management of the ship and those on board may deputise for them.
  • The bareboat charterer accepts all responsibilities for ship and crew arising from bareboat registration as a Dutch vessel.
  • The owner and/or bareboat charterer agrees unconditionally to fly the Dutch flag.
  • No conflict in law may exist or arise between the State of Registration and the Netherlands regarding registration as a bareboat charterer.


The following data and documents concerning the vessel must be available at all times at the bareboat charterer's head or branch office in the Netherlands:

  • position of the vessel;
  • technical maintenance records;
  • names, positions and certificates of competence of all crew members on board the vessel;
  • all data on the crew, in accordance with section 3 of the Manning Act;
  • individual and/or collective employment contracts of all crew members on board the vessel;
  • if applicable, names of passengers or other persons on board the vessel;
  • if dangerous or hazardous goods are being transported, all details of the cargo in accordance with Chapter VII of the SOLAS Convention 1974 (amended by the 1988 protocol) and related legislation.

Procedure bareboat charter registration

For registration of a merchant vessel (no pleasure craft) in the bareboat charter register and a certificate of registry (zeebrief) can be applied for simultaneously.
Use the form Application nationality certificate and certificate of registration merchant shipping. If the vessel is larger than five hundred GT a continuous synopsis record can be applied for at the same time.

For a quick registration the form needs to be filled in fully, corerectly and readable.
The attachments must be included in the application. The address is shown on the form.

Before a merchant vessel can sail

Before a merchant vessel can sail she must be provided with a number of (inter)national certificates for which often inspections are required. For more information on surveys and certificates click on the link Surveys and Certificates below.