Sanction policy regarding night regime violations

The ILT has as general approach regarding night regime violations at Schiphol airport.

The approach is explained in the intervention ladder. The application of the intervention ladder can result in different types of sanctions for violations of the night regime:

  • The airline can be sanctioned with an official warning.
  • The airline can be summoned for a corrective hearing (administrative discussion).
  • The ILT can impose an order subject to a penalty for non compliance.

Penalty for non compliance

The ILT sanctions air carriers that repeated and intentionally operate air services at times significantly different from the allocated slot by imposing a 'last onder dwangsom' ('order subject to a penalty for non compliance', Article 5:32 of the Dutch General Administrative Law Act).

The severity of the sanction can be for example between € 50.000 until € 150.000 per violation, but can be higher if necessary and can be also based on the size of the operation, the aircraft and its capacity or financial gain. The purpose of a order subject to a penalty for non compliance is to stop or to prevent any further violations in the future.