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When a flight is (incidentally) operated on the same calendar day with a slot outside the night regime, but will arrive earlier within the night regime the following criteria are important to be able to claim for justification.

Change to a slot for operation within the night regime is not required if the following conditions are met: The approved flight ...

Frequently asked questions

Is ‘force majeure’ as applied by ACNL the same as ‘justification’ applied by the ILT?

No, ‘justification’ applied by the ILT is a separate and independent policy solely used for enforcement on misuse of slots. The ...

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How does ILT assess flights on the edges of the night regime?

A margin of 2 minutes for operational reasons can be taken in account. This coincides with the noise-abatement regime at ...

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Why is there no guaranteed reaction time limit for the ILT regarding to the slot enforcement?

As slot enforcement is a demand driven process, it is not possible to guarantee a response time. Also investigations might ...

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To clarify ‘any Air Traffic Control measures’ causing the slot violation (especially in relation to full freight operations), will ATC decision for late push-back due to heavy passenger aircraft traffic be considered as ‘Any ATC measure causing slot violation’?

Yes, this can be a justification if the violation occurred due to following an authorized official order. It is upon the airline ...

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What is meant by ‘snowballing’? Will rotational delays be addressed in another way?

The relevant timeframes to determine slot violations are described in the section of the policy ”Timeframe and situations for ...

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In case of a joint venture operation who will be notified?

The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) will notify the operating airline in case of a joint venture operation.

Frequently asked questions

Who should I contact if I have a question about an appeal for justification (‘force majeure’) of a discrepancy of data?

Only the ILT can be contacted about questions regarding justification. And no more the Airport Coordination Netherlands (ACNL).

Frequently asked questions

Do (night) movements without a slot fall within the Policy regarding misuse of slots?

Yes, all movements without a slot (NO-RECS) fall within the Policy regarding misuse of slots. Government flights, emergency ...

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