Medical supplies

Under the Ships Order, the Fishing Vessels Order and the Regulation Safety Seagoing Vessels (Regeling veiligheid zeeschepen), Dutch sea-going vessels must carry medical supplies. What supplies are required depends on the category of vessel, the sailing area, the cargo being carried as well as the number of signed-on crewmembers on board.

Medical guide

Except for vessels in column C, which are required to carry the Orange Cross first aid booklet, the medical handbook prescribed for the use of the medical supplies is the Dutch Medical Guide for Ships (= Geneeskundig Handboek voor de Scheepvaart), latest edition including supplements.

The Dutch Medical Guide currently consists of two parts, Part 2 (Medical First Aid Guide for Use in Accidents Involving Dangerous Goods -MFAG-) of which  should be present on board vessels carrying dangerous goods. More information about both parts of the Dutch Medical Guide can be obtained from SDU publishers.

If an English version of the handbook is desirable, the UK “Ship Captain's Medical Guide" is a good choice. The Dutch handbook is a translation of the English edition of 1983. Both handbooks have been updated independently, but still have many points in common.

The MFAG in its original version is an IMO publication.