The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate oversees the safe transport of dangerous goods by road.

This involves the following:

  • inspections on the main road network
  • inspections specially focused on dangerous goods
  • inspections of transport companies, chemical companies and the packaging industry

Infringement of legislation and regulations carries a fine. Administrative measures can also be implemented.

Ensure that transportation starts safely

The Inspectorate concentrates its inspections on consignors and manufacturers in order to ensure that transportation begins safely. The consignor is responsible for the correct classification, packaging and labelling of the dangerous goods.

The danger posed by the cargo depends on:

  • The properties of the goods
    The United Nations has drawn up a list containing more than 3,000 dangerous substances. This list is the basis for the legislation and regulations concerning dangerous goods.
  • The quantity
    A points system calculates how dangerous cargo is. Exemptions are issued if this is below a particular limit, in which case the driver does not have to meet additional safety requirements. This is also the case if dangerous goods are packed in limited quantities.