First aid kits on inland navigation vessels

Inland navigation vessels sailing on inland waters of Member States of the European Union (EU) must carry a sufficient number of suitable first aid kits on board.

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First aid kits on all inland vessels

On your inland navigation vessel certificate, in item 43, you will find how many first aid kits must be present on your vessel at all times. You should keep this first aid kit or first aid kits in the wheelhouse or an accommodation.

A suitable first aid kit is the Bedrijfsverbanddoos BHV (BHV workplace First Aid box), developed by Het Oranje Kruis. This is stated in the Beleidsregel binnenvaart 2013 (Inland Shipping Policy Regulation 2013, only available in Dutch).

First aid kits on passenger ships

On a passenger ship the total number of first aid kits present must be sufficient in relation to the number of passengers on board. Read how to comply with the ES-TRIN-regulations for first aid kits on passenger ships.

Storing first aid kits

Make sure each first aid kit is always easily and quickly accessible.

If a first aid kit is stored non-visibly, in a cupboard for example, then mark the location with a clearly visible pictogram of a white cross in a green square of at least 10 cm x 10 cm.

pictogram verbandtrommel
First aid kit pictogram

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