To fly an aircraft as a pilot in the Netherlands, you need a licence (brevet). Depending on the aircraft you will be flying, you apply for the licence at Kiwa Register or at the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT). Kiwa issues licences for aircraft, helicopters and ballooning (CPL (FB) and BPL). At the ILT, you apply for the Sailplane Pilot Licence (SPL) licence for gliding.

Training and medical certificate

To obtain a pilot licence in the Netherlands, you must undergo training at a Declared Training Organisation (DTO), Approved Training Organisation (ATO) or a registered training facility (RTF). In addition, you need a medical certificate. You complete the training with a theory and practical exam. You can sit the theory exam with Stichting Theorie Examens Ballonvaren en Zweefvliegen, STEBZ (only available in Dutch) or the Centraal Bureau voor Rijvaardigheid, CBR (only available in Dutch). You sit the practical exam with an examiner. The medical certificate is issued on the basis of a medical examination. Only medical examiners and medical centres authorised by the ILT are allowed to issue medical certificates.