Reporting requirements to the ILT when Private Armed Security is used

The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) is tasked with supervision on the use and reporting requirements of private armed guards on board of vessels registered in the Netherlands. This information helps you to comply with the reporting requirements. 

The following legislation applies to the use of private armed guards:

  1. Wet ter bescherming koopvaardij (Merchant Shipping Protection Act, only available in Dutch);
  2. Besluit bescherming koopvaardij (Merchant Shipping Protection Decree, only available in Dutch);
  3. Regeling bescherming koopvaardij met bijlagen (Merchant Shipping Protection Regulation and Annexes, only available in Dutch). 

Reporting procedure

Horn of Africa, Gulf of Aden
Image from: EMSA/IMS/SEG. Indicative map for a West to East voyage; Red Sea (1-4), Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean (5).

Enforcement on the Team Leader Embarkation Form

The following information is important for captains, vessels managers and team leaders.

Duties to be performed by team leader upon embarkation

For several practical reasons, e.g., boarding at night, it has proven to be difficult for the team leader to complete Annex 3 (the Team Leader Embarkation Form) directly upon arrival on board, as legally required. Therefore, the ILT agrees to accept these forms as long as they are received within 24 hours after embarkation, however not later than 2 hours before entering the risk area as defined in the Dutch regulations. Please note this may have implications in the following situations:

  • Non-compliance of armed guards

    All requirements remain in force unabated. Under certain circumstances the captain may have to refuse the armed guards on board. Therefore, the captain may need to turn back to the floating armoury in case the armed guards cannot stay on board.

  • Embarkation of armed guards shortly before entering the risk area

    In case the armed guards board the vessel shortly before entering the risk area, the captain may have to slow down or even stop the vessel. This is to allow the team leader to perform his duties and complete his form as required, as the ILT does not accept the form Annex 3 to be sent later than 2 hours before entering the risk area.