Ship Security Pre-Arrival information (SSPI)

Before being allowed to enter a Dutch port, seagoing vessels must submit Ship Security Pre-Arrival Information (SSPI). To avoid unnecessary delays of your ship, it is important to submit the SSPI at least 24 hours prior to arrival.

Submit the SSPI at least 24 hours prior to arrival

Are you a ship master, owner or manager or a shipping agent? Please take all appropriate actions to avoid unnecessary delays of your ship and submit the security pre-arrival information at least 24 hours prior to arrival. If the voyage time is less than 24 hours, you must submit the information at the latest at the time the ship leaves the previous port. If the port of call is not known or if it is changed during the voyage, please submit the information as soon as you know the port of call. 

Submitting your SSPI to the port authorities

Your shipping agent must submit the SSPI via a Port Community System (PCS) such as Portbase or use the EU MARSEC Ship Security Pre-Arrival Form. For more information, please contact the harbour master of your port of destination:

Required security information

The EU has established a mandatory standard ship security pre-arrival information dataset in Regulation (EU) 2019/1239. It must include information on the last 10 port facilities visited by the ship. It is important to use the IMO port facility number. This number consists of the UN-LOCODE of the port (for instance NLRTM for Rotterdam) and a specific 4-figures number (for instance 1234). The port facility is then identified as NLRTM-1234. You can find the IMO port facility numbers in the IMO GISIS database or ask the shipping agent or port facility security officer.

Why do you need to submit security pre-arrival information? 

Pre-arrival information is to ensure compliance with SOLAS Chapter XI-2 (Special Measures to enhance maritime security) prior to entry into port. This way, the steps or control measures indicated in the SOLAS regulation do not need to be imposed. In addition, the Regulation (EC) 725/2004 states that the Member State must, where necessary, analyse the information provided and apply the procedure described in XI-2/9.2. These include, for instance, denial of entry into port or a security inspection by Duly Authorised Officers (DAO) before entry.

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