Policy enforcement slot misuse at airports in the Netherlands

The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) will extend the slot enforcement to General Aviation as of the Summer of 2024 season.

Under European Union (EU) regulation 95/93 flights operating to a coordinated airport should be in possession of a valid slot. Excluded from this requirement are State flights, emergency landings and humanitarian flights.

The independent body for allocating slots in the Netherlands is Airport Coordination Netherlands (ACNL). The ILT will initiate the enforcement for general aviation operators for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol as of S24. Enforcement for Rotterdam the Hague Airport and Eindhoven airport will follow after S24.

The ILT is authorised to sanction the following types of slot misuse:

  • Operation of flights without a slot (NOREC).
  • Repeatedly and intentionally operating flights on times different from the allocated times.
  • Repeatedly and intentionally not operating flights for which a slot was allocated (NOOPS).
  • Executing an unplanned night operation without a valid slot.