Slot misuse supervision process

A revised version of the Besluit slotallocatie is in place since 1 October 2019.

The ILT is the competent authority to supervise and sanction all types of misuse mentioned in article 7:

  • Violations of the night slot regime on Schiphol Airport.
  • Operation of flights without a slot.
  • Repeatedly and intentionally not operating flights for which a slot was allocated.
  • Repeatedly and intentionally not operating flights on times as allocated.
  • Repeatedly and intentionally operating flights in a different way as allocated for.

Therefore, the following process is in place:

  • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Eindhoven Airport and Rotterdam Airport collect data regarding movements of aircraft.
  • ACNL monitors movements against the allocated slots.
  • ACNL is obligated to report all night movements without night slot to the ILT.
  • ACNL is obligated to report all movements without a slot to the ILT(NOREC).
  • ACNL is obligated to report all slots without a movement to the ILT(NOOPS).
  • The ILT decides for every night movement without slot, and other discrepancies as NOOPS and NOREC whether the operating carrier will be investigated.
  • In general, during major disturbances not all flights might be investigated.
  • Regarding discrepancies, airlines may receive a compulsory information request.
  • The ILT concludes if a violation is committed.
  • After closing the investigation, airlines can be sanctioned by the ILT.
  • Airlines receive a report of all investigated situations.
  • ACNL receives copies of all conclusions made by ILT regarding slot misuse.