Applying for exemption or approval for transport of dangerous goods

In special cases, you may be eligible to apply for an exemption if you are unable to meet the criteria for transport of dangerous goods over road, rail, inland waterways, sea or by air. In addition, you can apply for permission or approval if the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) is the designated authority according to the respective transport regulations.

Applying for approval of mixed loading on seagoing vessels

In some cases, it is possible to apply for an approval for mixed loading of dangerous goods or explosives in a seagoing vessel. This applies to mixed loading in the same cargo transport unit. You find more information on this subject in Chapter 7.2 and Section of the IMDG Code.

You can apply for the approval by completing the following form: 
Application decision joint loading of dangerous substances or explosives with a seagoing vessel

Application fees

You can find the fee for this application in Article 3.54 of the Regeling tarieven transportsectoren (Transportation Sectors Tariffs Scheme, only available in Dutch).

Apply for exemption or approval

To apply for an exemption or approval, please fill in a digital form. Make sure you have all relevant details ready. You can save the form and return to it at any time.

Application fees

You can find the fee for your application in the Regeling tarieven transportsectoren (Transportation Sectors Tariffs Scheme, only available in Dutch):