Maintenance personnel

Excellent maintenance is essential for the continued airworthiness and safety of aircraft. Therefore only technical personnel with a valid Aircraft Maintenance Licence (AML) can sign off on maintenance performed. To obtain an AML the individual must comply with applicable European regulations (EASA Part 66). Kiwa Register issues the licences.

Application for direct approval of On-the-Job Training (OJT)

To obtain the first aircraft type endorsement within a given AML (sub)category, in addition to the type training, an On-the-Job Training (OJT) has to be completed. The authority that issued the AML has to approve the OJT.

Organisations in the Netherlands

For Part-145 organisations with their principal place of business in the Netherlands the OJT procedures may be approved by the ILT by accepting a procedure in the exposition of the organisation in accordance with 145.A.70.

Organisations in other EASA member states

If a maintenance organisation has their principal place of business in another EASA member state, and this organisation has an OJT procedure in the organisation’s manual that has been approved by the authority of that EASA member state, the authority issuing the licence can accept these procedures.

Organisations without OJT approval

Any AML issued in the Netherlands needs a (one-time) direct approval from the ILT when its OJT procedure is not approved or accepted by the ILT. This approval may be requested for a single person or group of persons. Approval is required prior to starting the OJT.

To process the application the ILT may decide to perform an on-site audit and/or to participate in the assessment. Any related costs are for the applicant.

Application form

Please use the application form to apply for the direct approval of an On the Job Training programme.