Permit to Fly

Applications for a Permit to Fly will only be accepted when the correct form is used.

Aircraft registered in the Netherlands

Aircraft registered outside the Netherlands

Aircraft registered outside the Netherlands, please use:
Form: Application national permit to fly.

Please note: 

  • The National Policy Normenkader ontheffingen luchtwaardigheid 2015 (Dutch only) on the issuance of a permit to fly applies.
  • Article 24 of the national regulation for aviation fees applies (Dutch only). An invoice will be send upon receipt of the application to the billing e-mail address as indicated on the form.
  • The permit to fly will not be issued before payment is received.
  • An application is only complete if all necessary documents and the payment of the fee are received. An application which is not complete will not be investigated.
  • A permit to fly MAY be issued, it does not mean that a permit to fly MUST be issued.
  • The investigation of an application can take up to maximum of 8 weeks, be sure to apply on time
  • Mail the form and its attachments to and

On receipt of your application you will receive a confirmation with a reference number from