Bunker Liability Certificate

The owner of a seagoing vessel of 1000 GT or more, registered in the Netherlands, is obliged to maintain an insurance policy covering any damage caused by a leak of bunker oil. The same obligations and procedures apply to seagoing vessels registered in the Dutch Bareboat register.

The Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate issues certificates (Bunker Liability Certificate) that show that owners are insured against damages of the aforementioned nature. Certificates issued earlier by other State Parties to the Convention remain valid until the expiry date listed on the certificate.


The vessel is tested as to whether it isĀ  Dutch registered. The details of the vessel are known to the Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate. Furthermore, a transcript of the agreement of provision of financial security is tested. This shows the name of whoever provides the financial security and the location of their head office and, when necessary, the specific office that provides this security. Furthermore, the time at which the financial security begins and ends should also be stated.


When you have completed and correctly filled in your application and submitted it with all the necessary enclosures, you will receive the requested certificate within 10 days.


Law of 7 October 2010, with regard to the alteration of Book 8 of the Dutch Civil Code, by way of execution of the International Convention regarding the civil liability for pollution damage by bunker oil, 2001 (Trb. 2005, 329), established on 23 March 2001 in London.

How do I apply for a statutory certificate?

When applying for the Bunker Liability Certificate, complete the Form Application Additional certificates for merchant ships. A copy of the insurance policy must be enclosed with the application.
In case the invoice will not be paid by the applicant, sent a supplement mail with the information about the party that pays the fees.