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The Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate (NSI) has transferred most inspections for certificates of Dutch flag vessels to recognized classification societies. These organizations certify ships on world scale base. Some of the certificates are still issued by the NSI.

Some of the certificates are still issued by the NSI.

  • Bunker Liability Certificate
  • DMLC, part 1
  • IEEC and SEEMP
  • Passengers Liability Certificate
  • Safe Manning System
  • Towing operations at sea

Guideline for the carriage of nautical and other publications on board vessels flying the Dutch Flag

This guideline was made up by the Dutch Ship owner’s Association (KVNR) together with the Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate.
MSC-MEPC.2/Circ.2 of 1 June 2006 provides the publications which are specifically required to be carried on board ships by IMO instruments.
In order to elaborate on the required publications concerning the Nautical Charts and Publications and the publications required by the ISM Code in more detail, an extensive list covering all fields of application for all types of vessels, would be necessary. However, a full list of publications in this guideline is too prescriptive of requirement and is in contradiction with the so called functional goal (goal-based regulations). If the Shipping Company or the master considers it important that the crew have certain knowledge about SOLAS requirements or MARPOL requirements, etc., it should be up to the company to decide whether such publications should be carried on board. Ship owners are deemed to consider an extensive prescriptive list issued by the Flag State to be an excessive administrative burden and wish to have this as their own responsibility and not regulated by statutory requirements.

Attached guideline may serve to assist ship owners in deciding which publications are to be carried on board, be it in hard copy or digital format, where permitted.

Guideline turn round times

The turn round times for the application of certificates issued by the Inspectorate are included in the document Guideline turn round times.
The specified weeks in the overview apply for complete applications.