Wreck Removal Convention

Registered owners of Dutch seagoing ships or ships coming to or from the Netherlands, or other State Party, must have statutory certificates to prove that they have the relevant compulsory liability insurance for the locating, marking and removal of wrecks. This applies to all vessels over 300GT. The insurance certificate must be carried on board at all times and produced to the appropriate authority on request.

The Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate (NSI) issues this statutory document upon request. The period of validity of the wreck removal liability certificate is in principle the same as that of the insurance in place or other financial security provided; it does not exceed one year. Existing certificates issued by other State Parties will be accepted until they expire.

Non-State Party ships

With respect to a ship not registered in the Netherlands but in a non- State Party to the Convention, NSI may, upon request from or on behalf of the registered owner, issue a wreck removal certificate to it to certify proof of liability insurance or other financial security is in force in accordance with the provisions of the Convention.
This information is also available in Dutch on this website.

Application wreck removal certificate

The wreck removal certificate can be applied with the formĀ Application Civil Liability Certificate for Merchant Shipping - Seagoing Vessels


In accordance with the NSI fee ordinance, a fee of Euro 270 will be charged (tariff 1st January 2016).