Changing the state of licence issue of Sailplane licences

The authority that administrates your licensing details must hold your medical information. All EASA licences must be held with the same EASA member state. If you wish to transfer your EASA licence from one EASA state to another, you are required to follow our application process.

Transfer to the Netherlands from another EASA state

Would you like to change the state of licence of an EU LAPL(S) or SPL licence issued by another member state to the Netherlands? If so, you must first transfer all medical records from your current NAA to the Netherlands. Only then are we able to issue the Dutch EU SPL Licence. 

How to apply for the licence transfer

You can send your request by email to There is no standard application form for this.

We will request confirmation of the licences and privileges you hold from your current NAA by requesting a Doc155. This is a standard template used by all EASA states. 

Once we receive the Doc155, we will email you the invoice and ask you to surrender your current licence. A pilot may only hold one EASA licence at a time. Therefore, you must give up your current licence before we can issue your new Dutch EASA licence.

Transfer to another EASA state from the Netherlands

Do you currently hold an EASA LAPL(S) or SPL licence issued by the Netherlands and would you like to transfer it to another state? If so, you must contact the relevant member state and follow their application process. The other NAA will contact us to provide a Doc155, which is a confirmation of your licensing details.