About the ILT

The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate works at improving safety, confidence and sustainability in regard to transport, infrastructure, environment and housing.

The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport, ILT) is the supervising authority of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. The ILT works on a sustainable and safe living environment, safe transport, and reliability of the housing corporations. The ILT is responsible for approximately 150 topics, such as, noise pollution from aviation, working hours in inland shipping, taxi permits, housing corporations, the transport of dangerous goods, waste materials, genetically modified organisms and houses’ energy- performance rating.

The work of the ILT is wide-ranging and often of a complex nature. This means that the ILT cannot cover everything and that choices have to be made. As a result, the ILT deploys its limited capacity and means primarily in those areas where supervision and maintenance can prevent the most harm being done to society and the environment. The ILT does this specifically by collecting data/information and risk assessment. In the annual working plans the ILT specifies possible risk areas, as well as areas where the ILT can achieve maximum impact.

The role of the ILT is wider than just enforcing compliance with the law. Our inspectors are often the first to spot new developments and unknown risks. They are also the eyes and ears of the minister. The ILT shares such signals proactively with its political counterparts, stakeholders and society.

Apart from carrying out supervision, the ILT grants licences, permits and certificates. The ILT provides information and explains law and legislation. The ILT’s Special Intelligence and Investigation Service provides adequate investigation in the event of criminal offences that might cause harm to people and society, such as, severe soil contamination, hazardous substances, and the commission of fraud by housing corporations. The ILT also investigates incidents and accidents occurring within ILT’s area of responsibility.

The ILT operates in a constantly changing society. The ILT aims to achieve impact, to involve its surroundings and to respond in a flexible manner to social and technological needs and developments.