Conversion CPL(FB) and (KNVvL)BPL into EU BPL

This conversion report addresses the conversion of:

- the Commercial Pilot Licence Free Balloon CPL(FB) into a BPL;
- the Balloon Pilot Licence (BPL)1 into a LAPL(B);
- the Flight Instructor (Free Balloon) (FI(FB)) into a Flight Instructor Balloon (FI(B));
- the Flight Examiner (Free Balloon) (FE(FB)) into a Flight Examiner Balloon (FE(B));
- there is at the moment no FIE(FB) in the Netherlands.

Within Part FCL two new licences for balloons are introduced: a BPL and a LAPL(B). This document describes the way a CPL(FB) licence will be converted into a BPL and also the way a BPL will be converted into a LAPL(B) by the Civil Aviation Authority in the Netherlands (ILT). It also describes the conversion of the instructor rating and the examiner rating.