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Training institutes for seafarers

Overview of approved courses for marine crew.

Publication | 18-08-2017

List of approved servicing stations for inflatable life rafts

List of approved servicing stations in the Netherlands for inflatable life rafts. Approved by the Human Environment and...

Publication | 04-08-2017

Appointed examining doctors abroad

List of appointed examining doctors abroad.

Publication | 01-08-2017

Addresses approved doctors The Netherlands

Addresses of approved doctors in the Netherlands.  Approval by the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate.

Publication | 01-08-2017

Q&A Ballast Water Management Convention Eng.

Publication | 18-07-2017

Netherlands medical chest

Publication | 11-07-2017

Explanatory notes on Annex VII

Explanation of all variables in Annex VII and how to fill out the form.

Publication | 11-07-2017

Form: Application authorization for RPAS flight in the Netherlands by foreign RPAS operators

An operator of a remotely piloted aircraft system, based in another State than The Netherlands, can use this form to request...

Form | 30-06-2017

Glider pilot training before Declared Training Organisation

All students who finish their course before April 8th 2018 can converse their licence into a FCL-licence conform the Conversion...

Report | 29-05-2017

DMLC, part 1 ships built from August 20th, 2013. Version issued starting 1 September 2015

Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance – Part I, new ships issued from 2015, 1 september.

Publication | 24-05-2017