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Addresses approved doctors The Netherlands

Addresses of approved doctors in the Netherlands.  Approval by the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate.

Publication | 10-07-2018

Appointed examining doctors abroad

List of appointed examining doctors abroad.

Publication | 10-07-2018

Recently revoked appointed doctors

List of recently revoked appointed doctors for the medical examination of seafarers.

Publication | 10-07-2018

Recognized doctors HAL personnel

List of recognized doctors only for non-STCW HAL personnel.  

Publication | 10-07-2018

Manual Medical Examinations NSI 2018, including Medical fitness requirements

This manual (Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate) has to be used by all appointed and recognized doctors abroad and replaces all...

Publication | 10-07-2018

Investigations of the Dutch Inspectorate: heavy fuel oil for sea-going vessels and on-road fuels for West Africa.

The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) carried out an investigation into the origin and quality of blend stocks...

Report | 09-07-2018

Form: Request MLC Equivalencies and Exemptions

MLC substantial equivalencies and exemptions Include the Form: Request MLC Equivalencies and Exemptionsform with your...

Publication | 01-05-2018

Approved training courses for seafarers

Overview of approved training courses for seafarers.

Publication | 26-04-2018

Proces Description for Recognition and Supervision of Recognized Bodies for the Transport of Dangerous Goods

Publication | 12-04-2018

Conversion aerobatic rating

In the Netherlands, no national requirements exist for exercising aerobatics and sailplane towing and banner towing. The...

Report | 11-04-2018