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  1. Manual Medical Examinations NSI 2020, including Medical fitness requirements

    This manual (Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate) has to be used by all appointed and recognized doctors abroad and replaces all ...

    Publication | 31-12-2019

  2. Application permit to fly part 21

    This form can be used to apply for a Permit to Fly according to Part 21 Subpart P for Aircraft registered in the Netherlands.

    Form | 11-09-2018

  3. Summary waste flows from Chemours

    As a result of a motion from the Lower House (28089 no. 58/ session year 2017-2018), in which a request was made to provide ...

    Publication | 18-07-2018

  4. Investigations of the Dutch Inspectorate: heavy fuel oil for sea-going vessels and on-road fuels for West Africa.

    The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) carried out an investigation into the origin and quality of blend stocks ...

    Report | 09-07-2018

  5. Form: Request MLC Equivalencies and Exemptions

    MLC substantial equivalencies and exemptions

    Publication | 01-05-2018

  6. Explanation concerning the Dutch Seafarer Medical Certificate (SMC)

    Explanation concerning the Dutch Seafarer Medical Certificate (SMC)

    Publication | 06-04-2018

  7. Declaration of medical unfitness (shipping)

    Form declaration of medical unfitness for shipping crew. To be filled out by the medical examiner.

    Form | 29-03-2018

  8. Form ILT.097E - Exemptions of Rules of the Air

    Aviation form for exemption of project or timeframe for some of the rules of the air.

    Form | 14-03-2018

  9. Is ‘force majeure’ as applied by ACNL the same as ‘justification’ applied by the ILT?

    No, ‘justification’ applied by the ILT is a separate and independent policy solely used for enforcement on misuse of slots. The ...

    Frequently asked questions

  10. How does ILT assess flights on the edges of the night regime?

    A margin of 2 minutes for operational reasons can be taken in account. This coincides with the noise-abatement regime at ...

    Frequently asked questions