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Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance Part II

Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance, Part II. Measures that have been drawn up by the shipowner to ensure ongoing ...

Form | 19-01-2018

Form: Application assessment of manning proposal for seagoing vessels - ILT.131E.03

Form: Application assessment of manning proposal for seagoing vessels

Form | 05-01-2018

Annual Report REACH and CLP 2016

Enforcement of the regulations on production and use of chemical substances in the Netherlands in 2016

Publication | 30-12-2017

Form: Application decision transport dangerous goods with a seavessel - ILT.073E.03

Form to request a decision on the transport of dangerous goods

Form | 22-12-2017

Form: Application authorization for RPAS flight in the Netherlands by foreign RPAS operators - ILT.234.03

Anyone flying a drone is using airspace. Airspace is subject to air traffic regulations.

Form | 18-12-2017

Form: Application port waste exemption - ILT.208.02

Form: Application port waste exemption

Form | 14-12-2017

Form: Complaint report by seafarer - ILT.195.03

Form to report a complaint to the Human Environment and transport Inspectorate (ILT)

Form | 14-12-2017

Form: Application recognition maritime training course - ILT.164.06

Form to apply for a recognition of a maritime training course

Form | 12-12-2017

Form: Application bareboat-out declaration - ILT.146E.03

Form: Application bareboat-out declaration

Form | 12-12-2017

Form: Application civil liability certificate(s) - ILT.142.08

To apply for a Liability Certificate complete the Form Application Additional certificates for merchant ships.

Form | 12-12-2017