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  1. Approved training courses for seafarers

    Overview of approved institutes for seafarers. Approved by the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate.

    Publication | 28-04-2021

  2. Conversion GPL into SPL

    This conversion report addresses the conversion of the Dutch Glider Pilot license as issued by the Royal Dutch Aviation ...

    Report | 07-04-2021

  3. Conversion CPL(FB) and (KNVvL)BPL into EU BPL

    This document describes the way a CPL(FB) licence will be converted into a BPL and also the way a BPL will be converted into a ...

    Report | 07-04-2021

  4. Form FAA 8400-6 Preapplication Statement of Intent

    Form | 18-01-2021

  5. Instruction number 1- Stability inland waterway vessels

    The text in this instruction is a translation from Dutch and has only an informative status. No rights can be derived from this ...

    Publication | 01-01-2021

  6. Sulphur inspections of fuel oil of seagoing ships

    The Dutch Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) monitors the sulfurĀ content of marine fuel oil. In this way the ILT ...

    Infographic | 09-12-2020

  7. Additional washing procedure Paraffin Wax

    Publication | 27-02-2020

  8. Corporate video

    Video | 17-01-2020

  9. Manual Medical Examinations NSI 2020, including Medical fitness requirements

    This manual (Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate) has to be used by all appointed and recognized doctors abroad and replaces all ...

    Publication | 31-12-2019

  10. Form: Application Exemption Article 71.1 Basic Regulation (ILT.232)

    This form can be used to apply for an exemption based on Article 71.1of the Basic Regulation (EC)2018/1139.

    Form | 26-09-2018