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Form: Request MLC Equivalencies and Exemptions

MLC substantial equivalencies and exemptions

Publication | 01-05-2018

Approved training courses for seafarers

Overview of approved institutes for seafarers. Approved by the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate.

Publication | 26-04-2018

Proces Description for Recognition and Supervision of Recognized Bodies for the Transport of Dangerous Goods

Procedure for recognition and supervision of bodies for the transport of dangerous goods

Publication | 12-04-2018

Conversion aerobatic rating

For the aerobatic rating this conversion report applies

Report | 11-04-2018

Conversion of CPL(FB) into BPL and BPL/KNVvL into LAPL(B)

This document describes the way a CPL(FB) licence will be converted into a BPL and also the way a BPL will be converted into a ...

Report | 11-04-2018

Conversion of GPL to LAPL(S)/SPL

This conversion report addresses the conversion of the Dutch Glider Pilot license as issued by the Royal Dutch Aviation ...

Report | 11-04-2018

Explanation concerning the Dutch Seafarer Medical Certificate (SMC)

Explanation concerning the Dutch Seafarer Medical Certificate (SMC)

Publication | 06-04-2018

Memberstates with bilateral agreement on training

Overview of STCW parties that have an accordance with the Netherlands for STWC Code Chapter I Reg. 10.

Publication | 03-04-2018

Declaration of medical unfitness (shipping)

Form declaration of medical unfitness for shipping crew. To be filled out by the medical examiner.

Form | 29-03-2018

Form ILT.097E - Exemptions of Rules of the Air

Aviation form for exemption of project or timeframe for some of the rules of the air.

Form | 14-03-2018