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Manual Medical Examinations NSI 2020, including Medical fitness requirements

This manual (Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate) has to be used by all appointed and recognized doctors abroad and replaces all ...

Publication | 31-12-2019

Consolidated interpretations of Security Rules and Regulations

Publication | 27-09-2019

Conversion of CPL(FB) into BPL and BPL/KNVvL into LAPL(B)

This document describes the way a CPL(FB) licence will be converted into a BPL and also the way a BPL will be converted into a ...

Report | 11-09-2019

List of type approved APF's

Publication | 04-04-2019

Form: Application Exemption Article 71.1 Basic Regulation (ILT.232)

This form can be used to apply for an exemption based on Article 71.1of the Basic Regulation (EC)2018/1139.

Form | 26-09-2018

Form: Application permit to fly part 21 (ILT.184)

This form can be used to apply for a Permit to Fly according to Part 21 Subpart P for Aircraft registered in the Netherlands.

Form | 11-09-2018

Form: Application national permit to fly (ILT.231)

This form can be used to apply to the Civil Aviation Authority – The Netherlands for a National Permit to Fly for aircraft ...

Form | 11-09-2018

List of fuel suppliers in the Netherlands

List of fuel suppliers in the Netherlands

Publication | 30-08-2018

Code of Safety for Small Commercial Vessels (SCV-Code) July 2017

Commercial vessels operating in the Caribbean

Publication | 24-07-2018

Summary waste flows from Chemours

As a result of a motion from the Lower House (28089 no. 58/ session year 2017-2018), in which a request was made to provide ...

Publication | 18-07-2018