Conversion GPL into SPL

Commission Regulation 1178/2011 and 290/2012 Part Flight Crew Licensing (FCL) introduced new licenses and ratings for gliding pilots. Article 4 of 1178/2011 defines that non-JAR compliant licenses including any associated ratings, certificates, authorizations and/or qualifications issued or recognized by a Member State before the applicability of this Regulation shall be converted into a Part-FCL license in accordance with the elements laid down in a conversion report. The conversion report shall:

- be established by the Member State that issued the pilot license in consultation with the European Aviation Safety Agency (the Agency);

- Describe the national requirements on the basis of which the pilot licenses were issued;

- Describe the scope of the privileges that were given to the pilots;

- Indicate for which requirements in Annex I credit is to be given;

- Indicate any limitations that need to be included on the Part-FCL licenses and any requirements the pilot has to comply with in order to remove those limitations.

This conversion report addresses the conversion of the Dutch Glider Pilot license as issued by the Royal Dutch Aviation Association (KNVvL) with all the related ratings into EU licenses