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  1. Form FAA 8400-6 Preapplication Statement of Intent

    Form | 12-04-2024

  2. Duty of care for better fuel quality

    This video from the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) is about improving fuel quality for low- and middle-income ...

    Video | 14-02-2024

  3. Organisation Chart

    Publication | 07-02-2024

  4. Application for registration of pleasure craft under 24 metres in length

    With this form you request a first registration or change in a registration for a recreational vessel under 24 metres in length ...

    Form | 06-12-2023

  5. Q et R sur la règle politique en matière de carburants

    Questions et réponses sur la règle politique en matière de carburants en Français.

    Publication | 14-11-2023

  6. La règle politique concernant la qualité des carburants exportés

    Grace à une règle politique de l’Inspection du Cadre de vie et des Transports (ILT) en vigueur depuis le 15 août 2022, les ...

    Publication | 14-11-2023

  7. Q&A Policy on fuel export

    Additional information about the policy rule on fuel quality requirements for low and middle-income countries.

    Publication | 14-11-2023

  8. Approved training courses for seafarers

    Overview of approved institutes for seafarers. Approved by the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate.

    Publication | 02-10-2023

  9. CSR form 2 Amendments to the Continuous Synopsis Record

    Form 2 is the CSR amendment form to be used for all amendments to the Continuous Synopsis Record.

    Form | 15-09-2023

  10. Conversion GPL into SPL

    This conversion report addresses the conversion of the Dutch Glider Pilot license as issued by the Royal Dutch Aviation ...

    Report | 20-06-2023